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Preview: Doyle

Former Misfits guitarist, Doyle, is bringing his musical monster mayhem to Madison Live tonight as part of the As We Die US Abomination Tour. 

Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein has been out slaying audience for nearly 40 years. You wouldn’t think that by looking at him however. Dude looks like a He-Man action figure come to life. He started his musical journey by joining the Misfits in 1980 at the tender age of 16. Doyle continued to play with the Misfits in its various forms until 2000. He has also reunited with the original line up for a few reunion shows.

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Doyle is a band that is meant to be experienced live. Doyle stomps around the stage like a beast unleashed giving his guitar a hell of a beating. Seriously, this guy is a guitar tec’s worst nightmare. Alex “Wolfman” Story is an excellent vocalist and frontman who croons out love songs that you can dance to. Dubbing themselves the “Woo Woo Boys,” they make a perfect demonic dou. 

Don’t expect to hear any Misfits songs during this show. Doyle’s solo music speaks for itself. Songs like Mark of the Beast and Valley of the Shadows are instant classics that are sure pump up any crowd.

If you are a fan of the Misfits, Punk, Metal or Monsters, you need to check out this show!