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Dreamers, the rock trio from Manhattan, stopped by the 20th Century Theatre Monday night on their first headlining tour. The mood was set with a bright DREAMERS sign and eerily futuristic noises as the stage filled with smoke and the band busted out singing “Screws” to an extremely enthusiastic crowd. 

Dreamers first hit the alternative rock scene in 2014 when their single “Wolves” was played on Sirius XM’s Alt Nation. By 2015, they had two EP’s out and in 2016their debut album This Album Does Not Exist, which included their hit song “Sweet Disaster,” was released on Fairfax Recordings. 

They dove into their set with “Cry Out for Me” and “All Washed Out.” The crowd was warmed up from energetic opening performances by Weathers and morgxn and was ready to dance to every song. 

After thanking the crowd for their warm welcome, lead singer Nick Wold said, “We came here to transcend out of everyday life, so anything you don’t want to have in your brain, leave at the door.”

Dreamers slowed down the thumping energy in the room with a spotlighted acoustic set of “Come Slow Down.” The room swayed in unison and sang along. 

The trio picked the volume back up with “The Last Love Song” off their new EP FLY, released this year. The room filled with echoing fans when Dreamers played crowd-pleaser “DRUGS.” They exited the stage after rocking out to “Painkiller.”

Only moments later, the crowd chanted “One more song” and continued cheering for their band to return to the stage. They came back on for a proper goodbye, signing classic hit “Sweet Disaster” and saying, “We love you too!”

“The fact that you all came out to do this makes our dreams come true,” Wold said. 

They asked the crowd to jump for their finale, “Wolves,” and the room jumped and waved their hands in the air in unison to Dreamers’ first ever song. 

Dreamers played old and new hits, from their debut album to their two new EP’s this year, Flyand Launch. The two EP’s are said to be part of a trilogy, so fans are waiting for a third EP to follow. Although, Dreamers will be kept pretty busy continuing their tour until December.