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Review: Alice Cooper

The annual WEBN fireworks officially brought an end to summer for many Cincinnatians this past Sunday, but that doesn't mean it’s time to stop the party. Alice Cooper and his band of maniacal musical misfits are happy to set off the spookiness of the fall with their hauntingly humorous and entertaining and Paranormal Evening tour.

At 70 years old, the king of shock rock has not missed a single step. Alice performed an amazing set at the Taft Theater and showed no sign of letting up or slowing down anytime soon. Performing several fan favorites, “Brutal Planet,” “Billion Dollar Babies,” “Lost in America,” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy,” there was something to love for every generation of Cooper fans. 

Alice wasn’t the only one to be rocking the stage this evening.  Guitarist Nina Strauss continually ran up and down the stage shredding the guitar while whirling her blonde locks much like a hurricane. Glen Sobal, the man on the skins did a tremendous and thunderous job during his solo. Even a 10 foot tall Frankenstein’s monster got in on the fun. While his backing band was incredible, it was clear the Alice was the man of the hour. With his constant costume changes from studs and leather to a suit and top hat, Coop knows how to captivate an audience. With his cool swagger and famous mascara Alice Cooper is truly a rock monster. He also knows how to satisfy the locals with his threads, a Bengals logo along with the name “Cooper” could be seen on the back of his final outfit for the evening. 

Cooper wielded swords, threw daggers, escaped straightjackets and was even decapitated by guillotine.  Lucky for us Alice was able to “resurrect” himself and brought down the house with an encore performance of “School’s Out,” that prompted everyone in attendance to sing along and count down the days until his next visit to the Queen City.