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Louder than Life is Not to be Missed

The Louder than Life music festival returns to Louisville this September 28-30th. Don’t miss out on one of the last great festival shows of the year. Filled with great music, epic food and the Bluegrass state’s greatest export, bourbon, this show embodies the true spirit of “Go loud or go home.”

The festival is extending the party this year by adding another day of rock ‘n roll shenanigans and whiskey dreams. This will be the show’s first three-day festival Headlining this year’s show is Alice in Chains, Godsmack and Nine Inch Nails. Amongst the other performers are: Primus, Limp Bizkit, Billy Idoland Ice T’s killer metal group Body Countas well as several other performers.

Louder Than Life is much more than just your typical music festival. This show always features a tremendous selection of awesome (and tasty) award winning whiskey and bourbons to choose from. Clearly Louder than Life likes to celebrate its Kentucky born roots.

Guests will also get to sample a ton of local Louisville culinary delights as well as a few regional vendors to choose from.  This show would satisfy even the pickiest foodie with selections from Island Noodles, Spicy Pie Pizza and Cincinnati’s own Tickle Pickle. And that’s just a small sample of what the show has to offer. 

Combining excellent music, killer cocktails and epic food makes one helluva music festival that can’t be missed.