Cool Life Release First Single Featuring Eric Nally

Cool Life is breaking the internet today with their debut single, “Waves” featuring Eric Nally. 

Watch the Video

Cool Life is a 5-member rock band and they consist of Alex Nauth (vox and horns), Cole Walsh-Davis (guitar), Sam Duff (bass), Chris Harrison (guitar), and Kamal Hiresh (drums). The group started out with guitar riffs that Hiresh had left over from a song he wrote called "Too Much" by the Cadaver Dogs. While recording with Loren Turner from Foxy Shazam, he was given a Les Paul guitar where he started to write songs for Cool Life. Throughout time, some of the band members joined other bands. Despite all of that, they remained in Cool Life. The band's sound is a little softer than some of the bands that the members are in like The Skulx and The Honeyspiders. 

"I think we’re all at a point in our lives where we just want to have fun playing music with our friends," says Hiresh. "It’s not about riding a trend. It’s about making noise and entertaining people."