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Song Premiere: Joe Hedges Premieres New Song “Bloom”

Joe Hedges' new song "Bloom" features sweeping melodies and intriguing verse lyrics yet no chorus to speak of, only a symphony of abstract sounds and strings. In this way the song functions more like a musical poem. Complimenting the artistry of the music is an artistic music video, illustrated and animated frame by frame by Hedges' life partner and frequent collaborator Jiemei Lin, an artist and illustrator originally from Hangzhou, China (the two met as graduate students at University of Cincinnati’s DAAP). 

Joe Hedges's transformation from grunge rock front-man to indie singer-songwriter seems to be complete. Some Cincinnati locals may recognize Hedges' from his work with former MCA Records outfit July For Kings. Today, He lives in Washington state and divides his time between contemporary visual art projects and solo music. This song is the first music Hedges has released in several years since his departure from Cincinnati. Joe Hedges will perform on a bill with the Heavy Hinges at MOTR Pub on Saturday, June 30th!

Fall in love with “Bloom.”