Joe Hedges

  • Local
  • acoustic
  • rock
  • experimental
  • folktronica
  • pop

If singer-songwriters were born like superheroes from the ashes of freak accidents, Joe Hedges could have walked out of the exploded laboratory housing the dismembered consciousnesses of Peter Gabriel, Bon Iver and Sting. Hedges is a recording artist and visual artist living in rural Washington state whose compositions are highly dynamic, merging electronic and acoustic instrumentation. With introspective lyrics and soaring choruses, Hedges molds contemporary soundscapes and innovative

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  • News

Song Premiere: Joe Hedges Premieres New Song “Bloom”

Joe Hedges' new song "Bloom" features sweeping melodies and intriguing verse lyrics yet no chorus to speak of, only a symphony of abstract sounds and strings.

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