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Review: The Neighbourhood

Last Wednesday night an extremely awesome concert took place at Bogart’s as California bands HEALTH and The Neighbourhood easily sold out the venue. This was a fabulous night of music as the opening band HEALTH played their iconic and abrasive electronic music and the Neighbourhood swooned the crowd with their numerous catalog of emotional hit songs. It was great to go to Bogart’s on a Wednesday night and feel like I spent a few hours at Coachella.

Check out photos from the show here!

The band HEALTH is a well known experimental noise band. They play electronic music that is very edgy, abrasive, loud and haunting. It was very exciting for me to personally see HEALTH as they have many ties with the band Crystal Castles such as touring together and collaborating on music. One of the biggest claims to fame HEALTH has is they created the soundtrack for the huge video game Max Payne 3 from Rockstar Games. 

HEALTH put on an excellent show that melted fans faces off with walls of bass, static hisses, droning vocals and atmospheric electronic ambience. HEALTH is not afraid to shock fans, as one of their popular music videos features a finale of slow motion video footage of the band projectile vomiting orange liquid into a filthy bathroom scene. As the video closes the message “If you need to talk call 213-259-3841” covers the screen. I called this number before the show asking for a statement about Bogart’s and the city of Cincinnati. The band stated that they love Bogart’s as a venue and have nothing but positive things to say about Cincinnati’s architecture and the people who live here. 

Some of the highlights of the Neighbourhoods set include “R.i.p. 2 my Youth,” “Daddy Issues,” “Cry Baby” and the iconic chart-topping song “Sweater Weather.” I had the pleasure of seeing The Neighbourhood play an epic set at Bunbury Music Festival a few years ago, when the rain forced them off the stage. Seeing them play “Sweater Weather” in the pouring rain as their gig was canceled is one of my favorite concert moments. The screams and noise from the crowd cheering for The Neighbourhood, and the fact that they easily sold out Bogart’s speaks volumes about the bands popularity and the dedication of their fans. This band will continue to be one of the most iconic indie bands of this generation and I look forward to watching their career change and evolve.

The live music scene is alive and well in Cincinnati as great tours come to our city and play at the wonderful festivals and venues around town. As the music business changes to streams, digital downloads and YouTube videos it is more important for ever for fans to come our and support the artists in person as they tour. Thank you to HEALTH and The Neighbourhood for coming to Cincinnati.