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Review: Awolnation

Last night was one of the biggest concerts of the Bogart's 2018 concert season. Six-time platinum rock band Awolnation played a loud and emotional set filled with heavy bass and hit songs that have been played all over radio and television since 2011. Awolnation is touring to support their third studio album titled Here Come the Runts, which was released in February of this year.

Bogart's is one of the best venues in Cincinnati to see an epic rock show. Last night the room was packed full of passionate fans that came out on a Sunday night to see hit songs such as “Sail,” “Kill Your Heroes,” “Woman Woman,” and “Not Your Fault.” It is amazing how many great hits this band has and the energy that they put into the set. I would imagine many of the concert goers called off work today. 

Awolnation put on a fabulous rock performance that was worthy of a headlining set at Bunbury Music Festival. Fans left the show last night satisfied and happy with feelings unique to participating in real rock and roll culture. Awolnation will be put on heavy rotation within my social circle for the rest of the summer. 

Check out photos from the show HERE!