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Slayer Plays Cincinnati One Last Time

January 23, 2018 will always and forever be a date that I will remember. On this date, one the world’s greatest metal bands announced to the world that they were going on one final world tour.

What?! NO!!!

After the initial shock wore off and I accepted their decision, I realized Slayer are calling it quits just like they’ve done their entire career. On their own terms. With the release of 2015’s Repentlessand their amazing live shows, Slayer is going out on top.

To say Slayer is a legendary band in the metal community is a vast understatement. This group has made a large impact on the music industry as a whole, not to mention help create and define along with such juggernauts as Metallica. With little to no radio play, Slayer has managed to release over 12 albums, receive countless awards, (including 2 grammys) and play close to 3000 live concerts. 

Slayer is doing one last world tour before hanging it up and Cincinnati is lucky enough to be a part of it. Slayer will be at Riverbend on June 6th (the national day of Slayer!) to play for the Queen city one last time. If the excitement to see Slayer one last time wasn’t enough to convince you to get a ticket, joining them on stage will be BehemothTestamentAnthrax and Lamb of God.

Don’t miss your chance to Reign in Blood one last time.

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