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Send Freak Mythology off in Style at Madison Live

Freak Mythology recently won the Madison Theater Band Challenge! Right on the heels of winning, they have a tour planned and a send-off show at Madison Live tonight!

Going on tour has been a huge goal for Freak Mythology and they need your help! They have launched a Kickstarter to help with a vehicle, gas, a trailer, etc… Help them out!

We were excited to talk to Freak Mythology about the big win at the Madison Theater Band Challenge, their upcoming tour and the send-off show!

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Congratulations on winning the Madison Theater Band Challenge! How did that feel?

Thank you!! When our name was called for first place it was surreal. We weren't really sure what to expect with so many great bands in the finals, so when the time came there was a lot of nerves. We're honored to say we took home the win!

Tell us about your send-off show on the 26th! Where are you most excited about heading to?

Our tour send-off show is tonight at Madison Live. We wanted to go back because of our experiences there in the MBC and the people there are absolutely fantastic to work with. We're going to have our friends In The Pines and Stranger open up for us as well, so needless to say this is going to be a great night!

For the tour I think we're the most excited about the shows in the big cities like New York, Chicago, and also our 2 nights in Asheville. It's our first tour so were not 100% on what to expect out on the road but we're ready for it and looking forward to 5,000 miles in the new band van!

You have started a Kickstarter to help with tour and recording costs, tell us a little bit about that…

Planning a tour makes you really put things into perspective, as you can really see the costs of just getting from point A to point B. Between gas, food, hotels, toll roads, deodorant and everything in between, a month on the road is costly. On top of that, every musician knows how much it can cost even to get a single song recorded in this day and age. So we decided to do a Kickstarter campaign. We're setting the goal to $5,000 in hopes to raise more money for the tour as well as get a jumpstart recording our 2nd album.

What is next for Freak Mythology after your tour?

We have 2 full days at Moonlight Studios from the MBC ready to be booked, and we hope that after the tour and Kickstarter campaign that we'll be able to record, mix, & master a full sophomore album and shoot for a summer 2019 release date. It's a lot but we're taking it one step at a time!