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WeirDose & Juan Cosby Drop Fire In the Brain

Childhood friends Magefist and Elemental have only been performing as WeirDose for a little over a year. Despite the new car smell, WeirDose has festival buzz, performing at 2x2 in Columbus, Detroit’s End of Summer Festival, Geek Out in Oxford, Stanley’s Summer Music Fest, and Cosby’s AYE festival in Cincinnati. They have teamed up with the infamous Juan Cosby for the collaboration album, Fire In the Brain.

After touring together last summer in support of Juan Cosby’s Inhospitable Planet album, the two entities started putting beats and verses together for WeirDose & Juan Cosby’s Fire In The Brain; the namesake being a tribute to the hallucinogenic-themed Ronald K. Siegel novel. The intent was to make hip-hop’s Dark Side Of The Moon. The result is ten thought-provoking synth-driven boom bap songs recorded in Magefist’s Northside living room. Special guests include Dope KNife, Ialive, Senseless, Haskell, AP, and Mimi Chavez of The Old Adage.

The album drops May 5 at Northside Yacht Club via Grasshopper Juice Records with a special guest performance by the legendary Carnage The Executioner, plus locals Sons of Silverton, and FAX (Fort Ancient Records).

We jumped at the chance to learn more about this exciting collaboration from Juan Cosby!

Tell us about the new album Fire in the Brain
The album is a psychedelic narrative reflecting on the darker sides of the human psyche and society as a whole.

How did the collaboration between yourself and WeirDose come into play?
After hitting the road together for last Summer’s Inhospitable Planet tour, we talked about making a psychedelic rap album together. I went to Florida in August and came back with a bunch of beats for them to choose from. Magefist built a mini-studio in his living room to track vocals and live bass (Chris Barlow).

What can we expect at the release show at Northside Yacht Club?
Should be an historical night for our label Grasshopper Juice. Labelmates Haskell and AP Counterfeit have joined a bill that includes the legendary Minneapolis rapper Carnage The Executioner and the local juggernauts in Sons of Silverton.

What is next for Juan Cosby?
I’m working with AP Counterfeit and Kill Bill on the next Counterfeit Money Machine album. We haven’t released an album together since Desperate Measures in 2015, so I’m excited to share this next batch of songs with everyone. It’s definitely our most progressive stuff so far.