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Record Store Day in Cincinnati: Morrow Audio

Located in Florence Kentucky, Morrow Audio is a relatively new comer to the Greater Cincinnati record store scene, but they are run by a group of vinyl fans that will ensure they stay around for a long time to come. Mike Morrow started Morrow Audio with the idea of bringing speaker cables to the consumer with a better quality and an even better price. With the business expanding, Mike and company needed more room for production. This added room has even added a new business market for the company; a record store.

I was able to speak with Billy Harris for a few minutes about the idea for the store, some of his favorite albums and Morrow’s plans for Record Store Day.

How did Morrow Audio get into the record store business?
The cable company was doing so good that we were really feeling the strain in this smaller building we had. We need to higher two more people at least for the assembly and there was nowhere to put them. So we get this bigger facility and it has this huge retail space where there was really nothing else you could do with it besides retail. The relator mentioned he could have the record bins and as soon as he said that it clicked in his head. “Oh my god. I could have records in here. This can be a record store.”

Being an audiophile, he already had thousands and thousands of LPs in his own collection. I probably had a thousand myself. I didn’t think they’d ever come back, I just loved them. We started thinking about it and put a cool design together. Now it’s all (the store) neoned out. It’s really cool.

What do you think that makes your record store unique compared to other record stores that have been around?
I think the most unique thing about our store is probably that we wanted it to be really clean, really comfortable, really fun. The thing that most people notice about it, is that we hit up record stores 50 miles out in all directions for the initial inventory and ended up with this insane amalgamation of genres. We have Indian dances from 300 countries, alt rock, indie stuff, just anything you can think of. I think that’s what really stands out is the selection.

What I really like about Morrow is that it feels really inviting. I see your posts on Facebook telling people to stop in, have some coffee or hot chocolate, check out our listening booths. It sounds like you want people to make themselves at home.
We totally invite people to soak in the relaxation aspect of this hobby. It’s huge the way the music reaches you with the vinyl the way other types of music don’t. It reaches the listener and you can feel what was going on, what was going on in the song writer’s heart as you are hearing it. It’s relaxing no doubt about it.

What are some of your personal holy grails when it comes to record collecting?
I love the hair metal stuff myself. What would be a grail for me would be Stryper, White Cross, early Ozzy stuff and Desi Arnaz. I totally love Dezi Arnaz.

What is one of your favorite album to introduce to people?
One that they probably haven't heard that’s an absolutely killer album. Dwight Yoakam, Dwight Sings Buck. It’s so much fun and has so many different vibes through the songs. Some of it is country, some of it sounds like way southwest indie kinda stuff. It’s just such a cool album. Some of the best country you are gonna hear if you like country.

Any releases that you are looking forward to on Record Store Day?
Pink Floyd’s Piper At The Gates Of Dawn sounds killer.

What kind of specials and plans do you have planned in store for Record Store Day?
We are going to be doing a sale. We are going to let that be surprise. Patsy will be rocking live in the store. They may be doing an acoustic and an electric set.

That’s all I have for you today. I really appreciate taking the time to talk to me today.
We really appreciate you guys. Have fun and rock on out there.