• Preview

Beach Slang at Southgate House Revival

Is “punk rock” still a thing? Depends on who you ask, one supposes. The idea is alive and well, to be sure, but we’re knee deep in contrived notions of so many things, it’s almost impossible to tell sincerity from, well, most everything else.

Beach Slang, who came roaring out the gate as it were, have made a name for themselves as a true American Punk Rock band since their inception and debut in 2014. Since then, it’s been an interestingly, though not surprisingly, tumultuous rise to the middle, where they seem content to dwell (and I say that not as an insult, mind you). After a high-profile shake-up (literally onstage, in plain view), Beach Slang’s future was in question, but thankfully a quick resolution brought the band back from the brink of collapse and, much to their fans delight, right back to the where they work best.

And where is that, exactly? There’s a brash space between early Foo Fighters and earlier Green Day, without any of the irony you might think would be associated with a band of their sonic pedigree. Especially in 2017. While they are ostensibly touring on vocalists James Alex’s We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags EP (under the moniker Quiet Slang), it feels more like a reintroduction of the band to both current and future listeners alike. This is a band that could, easily, occupy the very real space left vacant by bands like Foo Fighters, especially as they move farther away from what made them the brash Punk Rockers of their time. Looking to 2018, expect new music in the form of their next full-length. In the meantime, be sure to check out the new EP.

But for our purposes, we ask you to look to Beach Slang’s Thursday night show with Dave Hause & The Mermaid (vocalist for The Loved Ones) and Indie/Emo/Punk trio Pet Symmetry (members of Dowsing and Into It. Over It.). Mixing old school (read: early 2000’s) Punk bonafides with new school vibes, this is a trio of bands absolutely worth your Thursday night attention, especially so at the ever-excellent Southgate House Revival.