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Theory of a Deadman: Rockers for Knockers

Theory of a Deadman are a rock band hailing from the land to our north Canada, and more specifically Delta, British Columbia. They formed in 2001 and through these sixteen years they have released six albums and the most current is this year’s release of Wake Up Call. Which is set to be released on October 27th in lieu of that, they will be hosting an event for Breast Cancer called “Rockers for Knockers” in which two dollars for every ticket sold will benefit the Pink Ribbon Girls at Bogart’s on Tuesday, October 10th.

Theory of a Deadman are a quartet, and platinum selling rock band from the upper north. They are quite simply that also. There are no frills, this is straight rock n roll from their heart. Over the years they have become more polished in their sound. Their records from the early days had a rawness about it, that rawness still exists, however the band is older and wiser than it was 16 years ago. The new album from the listen of their two singles “RX” and “Echoes” features lyrics of questioning or doubt for a myriad of reasons. Musically they are at their finest. Exploring sound and taking their version of loud to wherever they may like it to go.

This was my first listen to Theory of a Deadman and I listened to their catalogue which is filled with songs that lyrically express all kinds of emotion, and isn’t that what every good songwriter is trying to do? They chose their medium to express their emotion through the vain of rock n roll, and they do it well. They have found a sound that works for them and have stayed true to it. Every rock band wavers from here to there, but at their core is the sound they are trying to achieve, along with the whole package. These fellas from the north country do it well. Pleasantly impressed would I label myself listening to these gentlemen. 

They will be featured in the event coming up aptly titled “Rockers for Knockers” at Bogart’s, in which a “pair” of dollars from every ticket sold will benefit the Pink Ribbon Girls. The Pink Ribbon Girls are an organization that was created by women with breast cancer to support and empower others who are currently in the fight against breast cancer and other reproductive cancers. They strive to balance the fear and uncertainty that breast and women’s reproductive cancers bring to individuals and families by providing free direct services of healthy meals, housecleaning, rides to treatment, and peer support to those throughout Ohio. Bogart’s is doing something pretty amazing with this event. My mom is a survivor of breast cancer, and we can all at least try to help in any way we can. Theory of a Deadman and Pink Ribbon Girls joining forces to help those who truly need it. 

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