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Review: Michale Graves

I have to admit something. I’ve never been to a show at the Northside Yacht Club prior to the Michale Graves show. Upon walking in, I immediately noticed how small of a venue it was. I was actually excited by this as smaller concert venues usually means the show will be in an imitate setting.

Michale Graves may no longer be fronting the legendary Misfits or playing large shows, he still gave one monster of a performance. The NSYC was packed with fans both new and old, many in skeleton face paint or sporting the Misfits’ famous grinning skull the Crimson Ghost. All were in attendance to get their Halloween season off to a frightful and rocking start.

Graves came out on stage wearing his trademark face paint and “scarecrow” hat, a look he hasn't performed in for some time now. Graves and his band quickly launched into “American Pyscho” playing it much faster and heavier speed. The crowd took off into a fury and the entire floor was soon filled moshing bodies as fans pushed their way to the front.

Graves and his band did not lose an ounce of momentum as they played all of the classics the fans wanted to hear including, “Walk Among Us”, “Scarecrow Man”, and “Crimson Ghost”.  Graves took a moment to slow things down (and allow the crowd a chance to catch their breath) to play the 50’s doo wop inspired song, “Cryin’ on a Saturday Night”.

For Graves fans this show had everything they wanted as he performed songs from all throughout his career including the short lived (but long loved) Gotham Road, The Misfits and more recent solo material.

For the final song of the evening, Graves performed perhaps his most well-known song, “Dig up Her Bones”, and the crowd took their last chance to get crazy before the night ended.  The pit took over the entire floor and even a few people actually managed to crowd surf in the tiny venue.

Graves was even cool enough to hang out after an exhausting show and meet with fans, take photos and sign autographs, giving them more treats than tricks this Halloween season.