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"Ghost On the Tap" Video Premiere - Frontier Folk Nebraska Conjures Pure Rock 'N Roll

Always thinking about what’s next - even while working on something for the here and now - Frontier Folk Nebraska are ready to premiere a brand-new video for their Record Store Day 2017 release. A Shake It Records and Rhinegeist joint release, this 45 split with The Tillers was offered in-store only during Shake It’s annual Record Store Day celebrations. Taking it one step further - a true multimedia experience, Rhinegeist released a one-off IPA, Slow Jam, to celebrate Record Store Day, as well. For those who were lucky enough to score a copy of the 45, and a bottle or two of this delicious IPA (and, of course, remember what happened afterwards), it was a great combination of likeminded sensibilities, from the music to the beer to the release of it all.

We caught up with Travis Talbert, guitarist for Cincinnati’s own Frontier Folk Nebraska, to find out a little bit more about the video, the single, and to unveil a little surprise for those who missed their chance to snag a copy of this most excellent track.

Can you tell us a bit about the video for “Ghost On the Tap,” Frontier Folk Nebraska’s split release with The Tillers?

We shot it on our own and initially try to include crowd shot footage but ultimately the various fidelity levels were too extreme to create a cohesive product. The footage was turned into a real video by our one and only Wizard, Mr. Steven Oder. Steve was a founding member of FFN and currently teaches film studies at University of Central Arkansas.

Steve has always been our conduit from idea to reality as he recorded all of our first 3 albums and has now made 3 videos for us as well. We miss him all the time but are happy that we still find ways to work together even with he and his wife so far away.

He has something kind of big happening right now, right?

His crew currently has a feature length film out called Dorm Troopers, a Christopher Guest style mockumentary about the world's greatest Resident Assistant, that features a soundtrack of entirely FFN music. We know we sound biased but it really is incredibly funny. It's out on DVD now from Summer Hill Films and digital distribution is supposedly forthcoming.

What about the 45 itself? There was some cool news to go along with the video premiere?

The 45 was a joint release between Shake It and Rhinegeist. Shake It has a box of the single, 30 copies, which we held back for this premiere that will go on sale the same day we premier the video that we're going to put up for sale on FFN's Bandcamp.

You read that right, true believers. If you missed out on this single when it was originally released, head to Frontier Folk Nebraska’s Bandcamp right now to grab one while they last (and we don’t think that will be very long).

In the meantime, enjoy this exclusive premiere of the new video for “Ghost On the Tap,” the single from Frontier Folk Nebraska’s split Record Store Day release with The Tillers, a collaboration between Shake It Records and Rhinegeist. That’s a lot of Cincinnati love right there. We’ll drink to that!