• Preview

The Undead are set to bring a night of punk and horror to the Southgate House

Under normal circumstances, a hearse parked in front of a church is not a sign of a good time.  However, when that hearse is The Undead’s infamous tour vehicle, and that church is The Southgate House Revival, all bets are off.

Formed by former Misfits’ guitarist Bobby Steele in 1981, The Undead have been playing their unique and classic style of horror punk rock for over 35 years. The group has had several releases and just as many lineup changes throughout the years.

The current lineup includes Bobby Steele (guitar and vocals), Diana Steele (guitar, vocals), Jason Fresta (Bass), and Joe Stoker (Drums). This lineup has proven to be one of The Undead’s strongest yet.

Do not miss your chance to see this legendary band as they rock The Southgate House Revival on Friday, August 25th. Opening bands include Tommy Grit & The Pricks, The Vigodas, and The Letdowns.