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Room For Zero Release EP

A four-piece east-ender rock band have not only discovered their charismatic, British rock-like, sound, but give their audience a new experience by infusing an excess amount of energy and electrifying solos in to their live performances, which brings their fans back to a better time in rock-n-roll.

Room For Zero consists of Ian Ford on lead vocals, Michael Stubbs and Chris Harding on guitars, and Aaron Cunningham on drums.

The band’s influences ranges from The Police, The Yardbirds, The Jam, and The Beatles, as well as the lead singer, Ian Ford’s late father. Ford’s father, John, played in bands across Cincinnati including Rubber Soul and The Zero, where they paid homage to add the zero to their name.

It was not until after Ford’s father died that Ford really decided to take music seriously.

“I kind of regret not getting it to music until after he passed away because it's kind of like he'd love to see this and hear this and he was such a resource too, like man I could get some pointers, but it is what it is,” says Ford. “I have no doubt that he has, in some way, inspired it all.”

The current lineup of the band has been together since 2016 and one of their first concerts was at Bunbury that same year. Over the last year Room For Zero have released a couple of demos and an LP, think of Arctic Monkeys “Suck It and See” album mixed with 90s alternative rock.

On September 1, Room For Zero will release their highly anticipated EP, You Used to Say I'm the Only One. With this EP, the band wanted to deviate from their previous indie rock sound and add a little more depth to their music.

“So, you know, at first it was kind of like, ‘Here's the parts’ and I hum it to him [Stubbs], we all pick it up and get it,” says Ford.  “I feel like it was just a little more hoarse and for now just for whatever reason with the sound we have everybody's able to, I think, to kind of use their own playing styles to express themselves better through the sound we have now.”

Their dark, riveting, catchy British-rock inspired first single, “Death of Cold” is out now on the band’s Bandcamp webpage as well as up on CincyMusic.

The band will showcase their new sound at their EP release party on September 1st at 20th Century Theater in Oakley. Tickets are $10. If you buy a ticket, you will get the EP with it on September 1st. The EP will also be sold on all digital platforms and on CD.