Still Buzzing from Muse

Sunday night, during the final set of Bunbury 2017 I was reminded that Muse is one of the best bands in the world. Cincinnati needs to send the festival promoters a giant thank you card for getting this band to play Bunbury Music Festival. The festival was noticeably more crowded on the third night, and I am sure that Muse will go down in Bunbury history as one of the best headlining sets. Muse’s set consisted of songs that spanned their entire career. Even though the songs were written over almost a 20-year span, everything flowed together perfectly and there was not a dull moment during the show.

Muse is a rock band from the future. They would fit in perfectly playing on a space ship in a science fiction movie. Chris Wolstenholme has a double neck bass guitar with what appears to be an iPad embedded into the body of the guitar which turns the whole thing into a weird synthesizer hybrid. Matthew Bellamy also has a touch screen MIDI pad built into his guitar, which lights up and shines in the darkness along with his Kanye West style glow in the dark glasses. Muse has a 360 Virtual reality music video for their song “Revolt.” I have never seen a music video with technology like that until I downloaded it on my phone and watched it with virtual reality goggles. Watching that music video in virtual reality was like being trapped inside of a Terminator movie with robots flying around and Muse playing in the background. I would recommend any Muse fan to go to the app store on their phone and experience Muse in 3D.

After Muse ended their show with “Knights of Cydonia,” it took me a few minutes to come back to reality. Words cannot explain the sights and sounds of Sunday night’s show. Thank you to Bunbury, Matt, Chris, and Dom for the unforgettable experience.