Randy Steffen Releases Solo Album

If you know good local music, you already know who Randy Steffen is, having been in The Sleepin’ Dogs and currently in Wilder. Steffen’s solo album, The Pinehurst Motel will be released this Saturday, June 3rd at Camp Springs Tavern.

We sat down with Randy Steffen to chat about the new album! 

Tell us about your decision to make a solo album…
I had recorded two albums with a previous band I was part of called “The Sleepin’ Dogs” and an EP with a current band I’m in, “Wilder.”  So, I really wanted something that had my name on it.  Playing solo, people ask for CD’s, I feel like I should give them what they are asking for. 

What do the songs on the album mean to you?
I really wanted to incorporate a theme on this record.  Part memoir, part traveling theme.  I also wanted to include some aspects of nature intertwined with the everyday grind of life, while keeping a 70’s singer/songwriter sounding album.   

How was the process different than the albums you have made in the past?
I wanted a “Side A”, “Side B” vinyl record kind of thing.  We went in and recorded it live in one day!  I was pretty proud of that. Also, we experimented with some continuous play tracks, something I’ve always wanted to do. There were some things I overdubbed the following couple of weeks. I was so happy to get the players/engineers I wanted on this project.  They made the process run so smoothly and were very affective in helping me achieve the sound I wanted.  

Who were the players?
Elton Clifton at New Fidelity Studios produced and recorded it. Zach Rowe played lead guitar, Chris Alley on drums, John Schmidt played bass, John Lang on pedal steel, and last but certainly not least, the mad genius, Sylvia Mitchell on violins and harmonica.   

What is next for Randy Steffen?
I am going to continue playing with “Wilder” as well as my solo shows.  I have already ideas on a next album. So we’ll see.