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Interview: Deicide

Deicide is about as legendary as you can get in the dark world of Death Metal. Formed back in 1987 by vocalist Glen Benton and drummer Steve Asheim, the group rose to the mainstream with their second album, Legion. (My personal favorite.) Deicide has gone on to release 11 studio albums, 1 live album as well as a few music videos.

It was my absolute pleasure to interview Steve Asheim and newcomer, Mark English after their show at the Mad Frog.

Andrew Risch: So how has the tour been treating you so far?

Steve Asheim: It’s been going pretty good, ya know? We’ve been hitting the smaller markets going out to the people in the sticks basically. It’s been going good surprisingly, actually not surprisingly. It’s good to do it, seeing the fans still coming out.

AR: It was really cool to hear the crowd chanting, “Deicide, Deicide!” after the first song of the night.

SA: That was. I love it.

AR: Let me ask you, how do you still do it, performing Death Metal as you do, playing with your intensity 25 plus years later?

SA: Well, you gotta still be in it obviously, like I am, still believe in it like I do, still enjoy it like I do. It’s all those things. To be authentic, you can’t fool people into thinking you’re into this shit, still enjoying what I do, it’s been good to me.

AR: How does it take a toll on you physically?

SA: Anything takes a toll on you. That’s alright, that’s a toll I’ll pay.

AR: What do you think has kept Deicide so relevant for all these years? Even after 25 years, your still having people come out to your shows.

SA: We’re just hungry to keep doing it. I still believe in Metal and want to make it real and authentic. People still enjoy what we do and wanna hear it. It’s a symbiotic circle.

AR: That’s great to hear! So how’s the new album coming along? Are we gonna hear it by the end of the year, maybe next year?

SA: Well you know, we’ll see. I’m hoping to get it out this year. Depends on how much progress we can make. Rhythm has been recorded, all the songs have been done, just waiting to do the vocals. I’ll write the lyrics, we’ll do the leads and finish it. Hopefully, we’ll do it after this tour. We’ll see.

AR: I was recently in Tampa Florida. Do you think the reason Death Metal became Death Metal is in part to how brutal the weather is?

SA: That and swamp gas.

AR: Swamp gas? What is swamp gas?

SA: It’s gas that comes out of a swamp. (Laughs) It makes your brain fuckin’ crazy.

AR: Well, that’s to the point. One thing I learned when I was in Florida is that if you don’t see ducks around the water, there’s a gator in there.

SA: That’s right. You see ‘em everyday.

AR: Another thing, I’m a new parent. I have a seven week year old now. One song I soothe my child with when he is crying or upset is your classic, “Once Upon the Cross”. Is that a good thing or is that bad parenting?

SA: It’s a good thing. Whatever puts him to sleep or make him happy. It’s a good thing.

AR: The other thing I had for you is about your video “Conviction”. How did that come about?

SA: I not even sure. They said, “Hey, we got a video for “Conviction”, wanna see it?” “OK.”

AR: When I saw that video I was like, wait....This is Deicide?

SA: That’s what I thought too.

AR: Let me turn this over to you, Mark. (Deicide’s newest guitarist) How has it been playing with Deicide?

Mark English: It’s been awesome. It’s been a great opportunity, they are keeping me busy and I’m having a blast. I’m playing with legends. What more can you say?

AR: One last thing before we wrap things up, have you guys had any chance to try any Cincinnati cuisine?

ME: No, what’s good?

AR: In Cincinnati, we are known for our chili. We do it a little different through. We top it with chili.

ME: I don’t know if I’ll be doing that, but I’ll definitely check out a menu. You gotta address?