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William Matheny Charts His Own Path

Photo By Josh Saul

Friends Frontier Folk Nebraska Rolls Out The Welcome Mat 

The goal of most musicians is, more or less, to exhibit and express originality. Sometimes that means taking timeworn and road tested chords and ideas and making them your own. Sure, you run the risk of sounding fake or like you’re trying too hard, but every now and then, it works out just right.

With Strange Constellations, singer-songwriter William Matheny’s take on classic, soulful country, melding it seamlessly with alt, pop and more, is never exactly what it seems. It’s subtle and straightforward at the same time, literary and forward thinking Americana steeped in actual emotion - there’s nothing manufactured about it, as tends to be the case within this particular subgenre. It’s an easy listen that never shies away from discussing uneasy topics. The fact that it’s as listenable as it is points directly to Matheny’s ability to capture more than just sounds of the past, but the feeling the brought this sound to the forefront all those years ago.

Partnering with Frontier Folk Nebraska, then, makes even more sense. Another band steeped in nostalgia, but one that never rehashes what they’ve done before, let alone the bands that so obviously inform their sound, Frontier Folk Nebraska is coming off the recent release of their stellar EP, Warpig. Stepping back onto the stage at the Southgate House Revival tonight, April 13th, they’re bringing their friend William Matheny with them for an outstanding night of Rock ‘N Roll.

Between Strange Constellations and Warpig, new music with an old sound is on the agenda for this one, so get to Southgate House Revival early to make sure you’re ready for an excellent night of good people, and good friends.