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Review: Allegaeon, Goatwhore, Cattle Decapitation & Whitechapel

Photos by Ethan Bielik

Most birthday parties that I attend nowadays are pretty tame and well, a little lame to be honest.  Let’s face it.  Grandma’s 84th or some niece or nephew’s 4th birthday parties aren’t very metal.

Metal Blade Records wanted their 35th birthday to be anything but lame, inviting four acts to help commemorate their anniversary in the most metal way possible; a US tour.

Bogart’s hosted the celebration on Thursday night with the fearsome foursome of Allegaeon, Goatwhore, Cattle Decapitation and headliners, Whitechapel.

Check out pics from the show HERE.

The show started rather early at a little after 6:30. I wish I could have made it in time to catch the local opening acts and Allegaeon, but with the show on the same night as UC’s last home game, parking was BRUTAL.

I did, however, get to witness the sheer awesomeness of Goatwhore.  Prior to the show, I didn’t know much about the band other than the name. (and it’s a great name) After watching their set, I can proudly claim that they made a fan for life out of this reviewer.  Front man Sammy Duet knows how to work a crowd, constantly reminding the crowd that he is a “little deaf” and needs them to get louder.  And if that doesn’t work to drink some whisky.

Goatwhore sounded fantastic and the group was all over the stage, flipping hair, pounding guitars and whipping the crowd into a frenzy of a circle pit.  Before their last song, Duet encouraged the people on the sides of the crowd to switch places with the people in the pit.  I should confess, I was almost pumped up enough to get in the pit but then I remembered I was a 37-year-old man who should work in the morning.  Metal Blade may have aged well, but it takes me a little longer to recover from playing in the pit nowadays.

Duet told the crowd to get crazy for their last song but also wanted the crowd to look out for each other and if they see someone fall, to help them up.  Such kind words from an “Evil” band.

Cattle Decapitation

Cattle Decapitation was up next and played an extremely tight and loud set.  Seriously.  I felt the bass drum IN MY TEETH.  On top of that Travis Ryan has that trademark Grindcore scream that can pierce your ears and possibly any other body part unfortunate enough to get in the way of his sonic assault.

Ryan didn’t spend as much time chatting up the crowd as Goatwhore, instead relying on pummeling the crowd with angry and hardcore metal.  Cattle Decap’s set list traveled from both old and new material playing a little bit of something for everyone.

After Cattle Decapitation left the stage everyone stayed towards the front of the stage in anticipation for the night’s headliners, Whitechapel.  I didn’t stay to see them myself.  Remember, I am an old man who had to work in the morning.

Metal Blade Records knows how to throw one hell of a birthday party.  Maybe I can get them to plan my next party.