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Kevin Smith Performs Wedding at Madison Theater

Kevin Smith, better known as Silent Bob, is not much like the character he portrays.  He is not silent in the least bit. An Evening with Kevin Smith is a one man show with the Indie Director full of jokes, nerd trivia, and life lessons.  For a little over three hours, Smith knows how to keep a crowd engaged. The show is like meeting up with a good friend you haven't seen for a few months.

If you are not familiar with how a Kevin Smith show works, allow me to take a moment to explain.  The show is set up to be a “Q and A” with the writer/comedian.  Microphones are set up on opposite sides of the stage for attendees to ask questions.  Smith starts with a small introduction and goes straight to questions.  Here is a pro tip for you if you plan on attending one of his shows in the future; If more than five people are in line for questions don’t bother getting in line. 

Smith actually answered more questions than I thought he would have at Madison Theater show.  I think he got to about six.  You see, each “question” that is presented to him usually start on topic but quickly spiral off topic like a Reddit thread gone wrong.  After going off the rails for 30 minutes or so, Smith usually gets back to the “answer” of the question.  That is, if he even remembers it. 

With the show set up as a “Q and A”, to quote Forrest Gump, “Ya never know what your gonna get.”  The Madison crowd quickly found themselves as wedding attendees after the first question.  You read that right.  A couple was married by Kevin Smith in front of the crowd.  And in true nerd and pop culture fashion, instead of having the couple quote traditional wedding vows, Smith had the surprised couple quote the Green Lantern Oath.  

It was an evening of celebrating nerd culture as one question about the new Star War films lead Smith on an hour long story on what the films have meant to him. You felt like you were right there with him as he gushed about seeing the Millennium Falcon and actually boarding it.  He gave the crowd life advice as well explaining that anyone can do what he does.  It's just movies.  Just talk about yourself. If you create something, create it for yourself.  Make the stories that you want to see and you will never go wrong.

Not bad advice from the guy that gave us the “Stink Palm.”