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The LOX Hit Bogart’s

Wednesday, March 1st at Bogart’s is going to be a special night. Yonkers New York legends The LOX will be here on their Filthy America....It's Beautiful tour. The record of the same name is their first group album in nearly 16 years. They have gone back to basics with producers like Pete Rock & DJ Premier laying down the gully sound we have grown to love. The LOX, made up of Jadakiss, Sheek Louch and Styles P have been in the hip-hop world since signing to Bad Boy records in 1995. Making a name for themselves on DJ Clue mix tapes and collaborations with the likes of Notorious BIG, Wu-Tang Clan, Jennifer Lopez & Mariah Carey they became an instant force. Their first solo album Money Power Respect went platinum and made them a major player in the 90's hip hop world. After riding that success for a few years they formed Ruff Ryders after leaving Bad Boy and introduced us to artist like DMX and Eve. Their break from Bad Boy Records would prove to not be a bad decision as after the death of Notorious BIG the record label fell apart.  After Ruff Ryders they released single after single under their new moniker D-Block. Staying relative in the early 2000's with their heated beef with then successful artist 50 Cent they must have released 20 plus diss tracks that would begin the downfall of his success.  Just a few years ago they formed a super group with long-time friends Wu-Tang Clan and released an album together under the name Wu-Block. Fans of both groups had been calling for this for years as they have appeared on each others records since the beginning.  Even with only three group albums they have landed at the top of almost everyone’s greatest of all time lists. All three members have had successful solo careers and have a vast catalog of hits to show for it. Coming together for these lifelong friends and recording a new album, has been on their to-do list for years. Side projects like Styles P's Juice bar in NYC has kept them busy outside of music. Better late than never they have released this 3rd installment to the fans and have decided to tour the county and promote it.

This tour will be a chance for fans of true hip hop to see living legends still at the top of their game. The LOX has been a part of the music scene for more than 20 years and with such vast times between albums this is a special time for fans to go see a great show and mark something of their bucket list. Each of their styles take a different approach to their music. One common denominator is they rap about the streets go NYC and the craziness of the lives and past/present situations.  Styles P said in a recent interview that when they perform at a show the completion amongst them is still there and they constantly try to out do each other. This is something that should make for an electric performance this Wednesday in Cincinnati. Last I checked there are still tickets available so take advantage and secure your spot. This is the 3rd night on a 20 plus city tour so they should be loose and ready to get busy Wednesday.