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Everyday’s Metal Saturday

Everybody’s Records isn't just a great place to pick up some killer new vinyl, it’s a Cincinnati institution.  For nearly 40 years Everybody’s has been the gathering place in the Queen City for fans of any type of music.  

Saturday was a day for Metal.

Everybody’s Metal Saturday shows are becoming an awesome tradition that I look forward to attending.  Besides having great deals on music and giveaways they feature in store performances by some great local bands.  This time, Cincinnati native bands Sewage Grinder and Lucis Absentia came out to melt faces and burst ear drums.

3:00 pm on a Saturday afternoon may not be the most ideal time for a metal show, but Sewage Grinder and Lucis Absentia were more than up for the challenge. Sewage Grinder started off the show playing loud, fast and obnoxious, a prerfect blend for a Grindcore band.  For a two-piece noise band they are remarkable tight and left me wanting to hear more from them in the future. 

Lucis Absentia have a fantastic crossover Thrash/Death Metal style which is the perfect soundtrack to a great mosh pit.  With the tight quarters of the show, however, we were fortunate that a pit didn't break out as the last thing a true metal head wants to do destroy is a rare or classic metal record.

Stay tuned to Everybody's Facebook page for information on upcoming events, or better yet visit the store in person and check out one of the best record shops that Cincinnati has to offer.