Review: Steel Panther

Photos by Jacob Crews Photography

When most people think of Heavy Metal, images of devil worshipping and long haired slack jawed yokels chasing scantily clad bikini models usually come to mind.  With glam metal band Steel Panther, not only do they live up to the expectation, they lovingly exceed it. 

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Steel Panther

Steel Panther may be the most “Heavy Metal” of all Heavy Metal bands in all of existence that is metal, or they may be the greatest joke in the genre.  Seeing the band live or listening to any of their great albums, it is hard to tell if the band is legit or playing a long running joke or homage to the sun set stip bands of yesteryear.  Regardless on which side of the fence that your allegiance may lie, Steel Panther is one of the most entertaining acts in Heavy Metal.

The boys in Steel Panther played at one of my favorite Cincinnati venues on Saturday night, Bogart’s. I couldn’t think of a better place for a band that thrives on excess and sleaze to play. (don't get me wrong, I love Bogart’s.) Opening to the crowd pleasing. “Eyes of a Panther” the audience went into a frenzy,  the band was quick to tell the audience the three reasons they were playing this show tonight:

1  To fuck some Cincinnati Bitches.  Or since it’s the holidays, to get your ho ho hos
2  Play some Metal
3  It's the holiday season.

The stage banter is worth the admission alone.  Between songs, I wasn’t sure if I was at a heavy metal concert or a comedy performance.   Don’t let the band’s goofiness and stage banter fool you.  They really are extremely talented, with such feats as the guitarist performing a guitar and drum solo simultaneously.

Steel Panther

No glam metal band would be complete without the infamous power ballad.  Steel Panther did not disappoint with the thoughtful song, “She’s on the Rag.”  During this performance they brought on several girls from the audience to come on stage as they lovingly played the song. 

And this is what makes Steel Panther a great act to see live.  It is all about having a good time, a call back to the 1980’s decade of excess.  Looking into the super packed house that we had on an extremely cold Cincinnati night, everyone managed to have an awesome time. We even had people attending this show in costume. Batman and Robin were here for this event as well as several people decked out in their best glam metal outfits, wearing big hair leopard print pants and colorful bandanas. 

If you missed out on the party we had tonight, make sure to catch Steel Panther on their next visit to the Queen City, you are guaranteed to have a blast!