Femme Fatale: Hosting the Female and the Feminine

Molly Morris (of Harlot) is one of the curators of Femme Fatale along with her good friend Devin Brooks. This event showcases the “female and the feminine” according to Molly. This is done through many forms of creative arts. While solely focusing on the female side, to really bring to light what our women in this town are up to. Femme Fatale takes place this Sunday, November 6th from 2p – 12a at Urban Artifact.

Molly and Devin partnered up after the first Femme Fatale that was hosted by Da Vida House. The first was a Halloween Show and really tried to focus on the female talent which then lead to the name choice “Femme Fatale.” With a little bit of success, they decided to keep it going. Choosing to not only focus on female performers, but as well as female social issues. With this altered approach they have been able to reach a broader audience as well, with staying true to the positive message through arts and entertainment that is a wealth here in our Cincinnati. Especially when you consider how dominant it is with males, here we are with an event to showcase what the females can offer.  

Urban Artifact has created a custom brew dedicated and to be sold only at the event! 

Workshops will be held in the downstairs Taproom. These entail:

Herbal Remedies for Menstrual Cramps and Everyday Afflictions: focusing on natural and locally sustainable remedies. 

Self Defense for the Real World: offered by Gregory Morris, a 30-year student of Okinawan karate.

Mammas Talkin’ Mammas: An open invitation for mothers to discuss in a safe and welcoming environment the trials they face from both societal structures as well as social. 

Transawareness: presented by Kendal Jolley.

Safe, Sane, and Consenual seminar and exhibition / Restrained Lustration: this is for 18 and up folks and covering the safe practice of BDSM and fetishism led by member of the Cincinnati Kinksters.  

The event will be both upstairs in the Sanctuary, and downstairs in the Taproom. A full house event with a fashion show, vendors of various crafts and artwork, live painters working throughout the night, and of course, music. In such a male dominated field, as music and the arts in general this type of event is welcomed and should be embraced. You are never too old to educate yourself. Music can do many things and one of those is bring folks together and create a conversation.

This event is quite special as showcasing our female talent is important for the growth of our art scene. After speaking with Molly about this event, it is evident that this is something near and dear to her, as it should. An event like this is important for all of us. To understand what are female partners are going through, and to share in the joy of the women that are driving their music. I had told Molly as a male I thought doing this as an honor. To be able to put to words what this event is all about. Please show your support to the wonderful women that are hard at work creating their own art and sending out their own message. 

Music Line Up:
Kristi Kruer
Brooklyn Hansley
Jennifer Simone
Joanie Whitaker
Erin Locke & the Tumblers
Talk Mouth
Flying Underground
MC’ed by: Krystal LaMour and Jeremy Moore (Go Go Buffalo)