Freight Train Rabbit Killer Roll into SGHR

The duo Freight Train Rabbit Killer's doom blues "nothing less than an American roots opera." A shaman of the hills and a vigilante bent on justice set to heavy rhythmic juke and trance song. They deliver on the spiritual and the profane, redemption and loss.

We caught up with Freight Train Rabbit Killer prior to the show this Saturday at The Southgate House Revival with Flying Underground and Chalk Eye!

Give us some background on Freight Train Rabbit Killer…
Freight Train Rabbit Killer is a duet. Described as a heavy doom blues American Roots opera - a shaman of the hills and a vigilante bent on justice. We have been performing at home (Kansas City, MO) and on the road for about 3 years. 

I have to ask about the name. What inspired it?
Kris "freight train" Bruders and Mark "rabbit killer" Smeltzer are our "names". We had each performed separately under those names before we got together. It was a natural progression. 

What can one expect at a live show?
Our live shows have been described as being intense. a freaking fantastic musical journey. creepy and honest. It's storytelling through music. doom blues. screaming electric guitars. all accompanied by suits and masks. 

What is next for Freight Train Rabbit Killer?
On October 28th, we celebrate 3 years by releasing a comic book at our Legion of Ghosts show. This winter we will be recording more. We have short tours set up throughout the Midwest. We'll kick off out summer at Pondstock and then Muddy Roots Spring Weekender.