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Surrealist Gothic Appalachian Blues Rock Music from the hillsides ,back alleys and ditches of Kentucky. This duo of two veteran musicians, Mike Reeder and Bill Sears, has shared the stage with many great musicians across the nation and has developed into an entertaining and mesmerizing live act.Bill and Mike have crafted some melodic and haunting foot-stompers and perform these in such an unforgettable and rocking presentation that they are fast becoming a must

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Get Stuffed on Local Music with CincyMusic LIVE 

Get Stuffed on Local Music’s home has been the Southgate House Revival since its inception in 2015. While we are not able to have the festival in person, we will be doing it virtually via the CincyMusic Facebook page. This year, you can get stuffed on local and regional music AND actually stuff your turkey.

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The Clifton institution Murphy’s Pub celebrates the 30th Anniversary of opening their doors to quench the thirst for generations of U.C. students, working class heroes, and itinerant rockers. On the weekend of October 18 – 19, 2019, the Murphy’s Pub ‘Dirty Thirty’ - two nights of rock ’n’ roll in the storied and historic back room, celebrating 30 years since a couple of visionary Cincinnati music promoters and a situationist bar manager crossed paths with this gritty Clifton Heights neighborhood bar.

Freight Train Rabbit Killer Roll into SGHR 

The duo Freight Train Rabbit Killer's doom blues "nothing less than an American roots opera." A shaman of the hills and a vigilante bent on justice set to heavy rhythmic juke and trance song. They deliver on the spiritual and the profane, redemption and loss. We caught up with Freight Train Rabbit...

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