Black Rebel Motorcycle Club & Death From Above 1979 at Bogart’s

Two celebrated alternative rock veterans, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Death From Above 1979, are coming to melt faces at Bogart’s tonight. If Rock n’ Roll isn’t dead already, then these two bands are providing the necessary life support. 

It has been over three years since Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s last record, Specter at the Feast, but the band has been keeping themselves busy touring the States and Europe. Their unique blend of garage and psychedelic rock music has attracted audiences and spawned several critically acclaimed albums since their 2001 self-titled debut album. A versatile sounding band that, on a flick of a switch, can transform their sounds from the euphorically abstract to pulsating noise rock. Whether for your first time or to revisit, here is Whatever Happened To My Rock n’ Roll

As for Death From Above 1979, once this unapologetically fast band starts there’s no stop until the show is over. With only two albums over their 15-year career as a band, the band has thrived in their live show. The Canadian duo of Sebastian Grainger and Jesse F. Keeler craft their sound with only heavy distorted bass and pounding drums providing a mixture of punk and dance elements. Check out their 2014 anthem Trainwreck 1979 as they prove that guitars aren’t always necessary to make a great rock record.

Female heavy blues duo Deep Valley open up the show making it a full evening of rock n’ roll. Tickets are available still online HERE and also at the Bogart’s box office on the night of the show.