Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

It's been nearly a decade and a half since multi-instrumentalists Peter Hayes and Robert Levon Been began gigging around their native San Francisco under the wordily esoteric banner of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Sporting a sound that suggested a marriage of Shoegaze, Classic Rock and contemporary Indie Rock, BRMC quickly garnered great reviews and a passionately dedicated fan base. With 2010's Beat the Devil's Tattoo, BRMC shifted from longtime drummer Nick Jago to ex-Raveonettes beatkeeper

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Review: BRMC & Death From Above 1979 at Bogarts 

Some bands just thrive in the club shows. These are the types of bands that bring out the thirstiest music fans.  The opener Deap Valley did not fail to impress. Lindsey Troy’s howling vocals and that all too familiar and comfortable sound of heavy distorted guitars. The style and...

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club & Death From Above 1979 at Bogart’s 

Two celebrated alternative rock veterans, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Death From Above 1979, are coming to melt faces at Bogart’s tonight. If Rock n’ Roll isn’t dead already, then these two bands are providing the necessary life support.  It has been over three years...