Preview: Angel Olsen

Earlier this June, Angel Olsen released the first single for her new album My Woman called “Intern.” If you’re an avid fan of Angel Olsen, you know that this single marked a very sharp turning point in her style of music. The muffled guitar you heard in her second album, Burn Your Fire For No Witness is replaced by a deep and droning synth lead. Her beautiful vocals have carried over of course, but she sounds more tormented, as she sings, “Pick up the phone but I swear it’s the last time.”  My Woman however is not just a record of despair. It is also a record of both reminiscence and passion with songs “Those Were the Days” as well as the second released single “Shut Up and Kiss Me.” With the release of My Woman Angel Olsen is sharper than ever, both in her sound and her songwriting.

Angel Olsen became obsessed with folk music over her fascination of what her parents’ childhood life was like. In her early childhood, she wanted to be a pop star, however after growing an interest into the punk and folk spectrum, she started to play more of that music in high school while learning both piano and guitar and writing her own music. She moved to Chicago following high school to further pursue a music career. She released an EP called Strange Cacti before being picked up as a backing vocalist for the folk singer, Bonnie Prince Billy. After touring with the band for two years, she went on to release her debut full-band LP, Burn Your Fire for No Witness. The album was praised by many critics and fans alike, solidifying herself as one of the most unique and talented acts in the folk scene.

Angel Olsen is about to embark on a four-month tour covering all of the United States, as well as Europe and Australia.  She stops by Cincinnati on September 11th to play at the Woodward Theater with Alex Cameron. This show is sure to be nothing less of captivating.

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