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MPMF Preview: Car Seat Headrest

One of the most talked about artists in 2016 is making his way to Midpoint on Saturday and his name is Car Seat Headrest…Well the man behind it real name is Will Toledo. Will is the lead singer and guitarist of the project. He started Car Seat Headrest in 2010 in his hometown of Leesburg, Virginia. Despite going solo for much of his earlier work, he know tours with a full band to accompany his booming sound. The name, Car Seat Headrest originates from his decision to record his vocals in his car for privacy. This is just one facet of his lo-fi and DIY style.  Car Seat Headrest has become the new posterchild for lo-fi indie. His grungy, yet unforgettable guitar riffs paired with his semi-sarcastic lyrics is what makes him one of the best singer-songwriters out in the music world today.

Car Seat Headrest started from the most quintessential of beginnings if you’re trying to start a new indie band: Bandcamp. He has over 10 releases on his Bandcamp from his first release titled, 1 all the way to his latest critically acclaimed LP, Teens Of Denial. Despite still releasing his discography on Bandcamp, he is currently signed to Matador Records, whom he released Teens Of Denial under. Teens Of Denial is arguably Car Seat Headrest’s magnum opus. Will Toledo was able to capture a “wall-of-sound” production style as well as staying to a DIY aesthetic, which is something all indie artists try to find a balance with even today. 

This will be Car Seat Headrest’s first time in the Queen City, and Midpoint could not be a better fit for him. He plays on the WNKU Stage on Saturday at 6:45. Make sure to check him out!