Review: Caustic Casanova

Photos Courtesy of Michael Kearns

The punk band from Washington, DC, Caustic Casanova, lit up the room at The Southgate House Revival on Thursday night.

The band consists of Francis Beringer on bass/vocals, Andrew Yonki on guitar, and Stefanie Zaenker on drums/vocals.  Their sounds is a little mix of punk with a little heavy rock. Think Queens of the Stone Age meets My Bloody Valentine mixed with a little Fugazi.

There were maybe 6 or 7 people in the audience when they started playing.  The more they played, the more people started paying attention and bobbing their heads to the music.

As part of their nationwide tour, Caustic Casanova, performed songs off of their latest (2015, with their vinyl version out since July 2016) album Breaks during their nearly hour long set. What is so interesting about this band is the insane amount of distortion that they use during and in between songs and their creativity that they bring on stage.

Yonki’s mind-blowing guitar skills and Beringer’s vocal and bass, along with Zaenker really creates a powerhouse of a trio. Zaenker really gives a Meg White-type-vibe when it comes to technique, energy, and the chemistry she has when performing with Beringer and Yonki.

Caustic Casanova

The number of instrumentals and solos that these guys illustrate on stage, really show that they really have a passion for their craft.  Their music is very distinctive and they really illustrate that they are not trying to replicate any other band or artist.

Caustic Casanova have been releasing music since 2008 and have had two LPs out including their 2015 and latest album Breaks (Retro Futuristic Records).  It is one of their best albums-to-date because it just shows how much they have evolved throughout the years musically and mentally.

With a little over 2,000 likes on Facebook, this band is continuing their journey.  They have previously played at shows such as SXSW and have opened for metal band Kylesa.

The amount of confidence, musical skills, and passion that this band has will definitely put them on the map in the music industry, if they keep at it and continue to grow.    They are definitely a band to keep an eye out for.

The band is currently on tour and will be hitting cities such as San Francisco, Orlando, Boston, and will end their tour on October 5 in Rochester, NY. 

Caustic Casanova