Preview: Wye Oak

It is common in the world of indie folk for bands to stray too far from their folk roots and go completely experimental; and it can be a real tragedy at times. However, Wye Oak is different. The duo from Baltimore can mesh every bit of their folk and diversity of genres in a perfect balance. Gathering shoegaze, electronic, and dream pop influences the band can produce a sound that’s purely indistinguishable.

Forming in 2006, Wye Oak has five studio albums to their name, all being released through the indie label titan, Merge Records. The band was based solely in Baltimore until their 2011 release, Civilian. The album was critically acclaimed, compelling the band to tour across the globe to promote it. After two years of touring, Wye Oak immediately headed back to the studio to craft another album, this one being Shriek. The album was a pivotal mark in the band’s career. Jenn Wassner replaced her guitar with a bass while the drummer, Andy Stack added a synthesizer to his repertoire. Though it may seem odd for a folk-inspired band to do this, Wye Oak did it with poise.

Wye Oak can pull off a show that is all their own. You constantly wonder how two people can fill up a room with so much noise? Andy Stack juggles between two daunting tasks: drums and synth. He plays the drums with only his right hand while using his left hand to play the synth leads throughout the entire set. Jenn Wassner’s vocals also creates an intimate atmosphere no matter how loud or immense the band can get at some points.  Wye Oak will fill up The Southgate House Revival with a cathartic sound that will make audiophiles drop to their knees. They perform on Sunday, August 7th. You definitely don’t want to miss this.

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