Savages at Taft Theatre

If the punk scene as a whole were the 1940sSavages would be Rosie the Riveter. After listening to Savages, you have to come to the conclusion that girls do punk better. The London based post-punk outfit have something that make them stand out. They are a fully fronted female band. This isn’t your little sister’s cute bubblegum punk band either. Savages are loud and they are visceral. The band even has a series of manifestos posted on their official website asking their listeners to “reconnect with your physical and emotional self” as well as “to play their album loud in the foreground.” 


These girls aren’t messing around; especially since they are about to embark on a world tour covering countries such as France, Italy, and Japan. However, one performance that really raised eyebrows was their performance on the Ellen Show last April. Not many punk bands like Savages can say they played on daytime TV. Before introducing them, Ellen DeGeneres said, “I love finding new, interesting, unique music, and I love this next band. A hard-hitting, female punk band from England that is backed by Ellen DeGeneres? How could you not get behind Savages?

The band was formed in 2011, so with only two studio albums under their belt, Savages are sure to play nearly their entire discography at the Taft Theatre, which will make it very hard to leave a fan disappointed.  Their first full-length was the critically-acclaimed, Silence Yourself. Released in 2011, the album was praised by Pitchfork, NME, and other music critics alike, which inevitably paved their way into the punk scene as a force to be reckoned with.  

Coming off their second studio album, Adore Life, the band sounds more anthemic yet unpredictable than ever before.  Songs such as “Adore” and “I Need Something New” will make for an unforgettable set at the Taft Theatre, a venue that fits perfect for a band like Savages. Their sound can easily fill up the entirety of the ballroom while giving the standing attendance to really get behind their sound. There will be an incredible amount of haunting energy, playing under nothing but smoke and black lighting, evoking similar mannerisms such as Joy Division and The Smiths. They seem stoic, yet powerful and fully engaged. The lead singer, Jehnny Beth has a prowess to her stage presence that can lure and hypnotize anyone watching her. It will definitely be a no-nonsense show on July 19thSavages will go on stage, play their set as loud and abrasive as possible, and exit leaving everyone in attendance with their jaws dropped. 

Savages with Dead Forest Index
Taft Theatre317 East 5th St.
Tuesday, July 19th
7:00 PM Doors