Robert DeLong Ready to Amaze at Fountain Square

Robert DeLong @ Bunbury 2013 :: Courtesy of KP Photography

At what point in time will Cincinnati make Robert DeLong an honorary citizen of Cincinnati? The man has played at two Bunbury Festivals (2012 and 2013), the University of Cincinnati’s ONOFest, a show at the Madison Theater, and now he has graced us with an appearance at Fountain Square as part of the PNC Summer Series. What makes this concert even more special is that it’s free. It has been a mere three months since the last time Robert DeLong has performed in the Queen City as once of the acts for ONOfest. His frequency of appearances just shows the mutual feeling of admiration between Robert DeLong and the musical population of Cincinnati.

Robert DeLong is clearly at the forefront of revolutionizing the EDM scene across the world. It’s hard to point a finger towards what genre DeLong leans towards because he is always adding new sounds to his arsenal. However, his trademark piercing vocals really gives his music a sort of authenticity that many other EDM artists can’t replicate. Robert DeLong is one of the many few out there that can both deliver top-notch vocals as well as instrumentals.

Apart from his idiosyncratic talents of producing music, Robert DeLong truly shines during his live sets. It is safe to say that nobody IN THE WORLD can replicate what this man can do live. As he starts to sing and play his many synths, he picks up a small white object in his hand and starts to wave it around in the air. All of a sudden the synth chords he just played start to reverberate and become all twisted and mangled. Then wait a second, is that a Wii remote? Is he actually using a video game controller to distort and remix his live sets? It is unbelievable in every sense of the world, but you love it and can’t your eyes off of it. I could go on and list all of the other unpredictable gadgets he uses during his concerts, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he swapped everything out for something even crazier for this set.

This show at Fountain Square will perfectly fit his electronic aesthetic with the wonderful bustling nature and colors of downtown Cincinnati. If you have seen Robert DeLong in the past here in Cincinnati, you should definitely go see him again, because his live shows are always changing. If this is your first time seeing Robert DeLong live, all I can say is get ready.

Robert DeLong w/ Playfully Yours
Friday 7/22 @ Fountain Square
8pm / Free