Katie Garringer: A Little Soul Medicine

Katie Garringer is a songstress who resides in Muncie, IN and comes down to our Queen City to play shows every so often.  She is currently getting ready for a big move to the Big Apple. Before the move however she would like to share her latest recordings with us. Six songs worthy of what my ears thought were a sheer pleasure to listen to. She has a voice that can shake and chill you to the bone, and her playing is equally as chilling. Dave Manship from Beltauer Studios in Daleville, IN recorded the songs and captured the chill and the shake. There are a few pleasantries we must take care of first however before we delve into the songs.

Katie started playing music at a young age growing up with a piano in the house and parents that were constantly singing she couldn’t escape it. So at 5 years old she decided to give this whole thing a whirl, but her mom made her wait until she was seven to start lessons. The main reason for making the decision on wanting to play was not for fame or fortune, but for a simpler reason.  At family gatherings her grandparent’s, on her mother’s side, would both take turns at playing the piano and the entire family would sing along. Mostly gospel hymns, and Katie wanted to be a part of that, and not just in the singing but to be the one who plays the piano at the family gatherings. As time progressed it was only natural that Katie’s biggest supporters would be become and remain her parents. Her influences run across a broad spectrum as most musicians have them being; Dolly Parton, Ingrid Michaelson, Josh Ritter, and Brandi Carlisle. Her creative influences are: Maya Angelou, Madeleine L’Engle, and Bob Dylan. Through most of the songs whether it be the playing, a lyric, or the way her voice hangs on you can hear these influences melded into a blender and out with them came Ms. Garringer. 

As mentioned before there are six songs on the EP and each wrap around a feeling whether literal or figurative about love. Two in particular “Bonnie and Clyde” and “Who Do You Think You Are,” are about in her words “I was madly in ‘like with someone new,” that being “Bonnie and Clyde” and “Who Do You Think You Are” is about the same person post break up. She has always again in her words “loved, love’” but her intention was to write about everything but love, and over the course of a year and half roughly of writing these songs she realized early on that this might not be possible. Again Katie, “While all the songs I write are not about love, the majority of the ones on the EP definitely are.” You write what you know, and you write what you feel at the time. Which makes this EP an honest reflection of a life being lived, and where the road has gone and where it may be leading to, and only she knows. Her story however, begins with this EP and she is kicking it off in great fashion.

With the EP done she will be returning to the studio to record a second in New York City with a friend of hers that plays cello. She said that a full album will come after a second EP is finished. With a move to the Big Apple happening over the spring, a Midwest tour, and the EP release party happening in her hometown of Muncie, Indiana a full album has been put on the back burner.

The last question I asked Katie was what I always like to ask musicians that I talk to and that was why music? Of all things to do why this and her response was pretty damn good so I will let her close this out.  Here is her answer, “That’s a doozy of a question (with) so many emotions. I’ve always known that the way I communicate best is through writing, and playing music, rather than speaking. I feel like I am the best version of myself when I play music, and the connection that occurs with the folks that listen is palpable, and powerful. I believe that everyone is struggling with something in life, and that music can be an effective remedy, or at least a distraction from what is ailing them. My main motivation in playing music is to positively affect those who are listening and to give them a little soul medicine. While I love to play music for others, I also play and write for myself. I’ve overcome some pretty serious trial in my life by writing about what’s going on, and I can’t imagine being the person I am today if it weren’t for the healing power of music. I can’t imagine doing anything else with my life.” 

Katie Garringer will be at The Crow’s Nest Friday, May 6th from 10-1. Her EP will be available as well.