DREAMERS List the Best Free Things in Life

Brooklyn’s DREAMERS are a unique brand of ‘70s punk meets power pop. DREAMERS were first introduced to the universe in November 2014 with their self-released, self-titled debut EP. Their colorfully passionate music tugged at heartstrings and had tastemakers dancing around the room all in one fell swoop. 

We caught up with DREAMERS prior to their show at MOTR Pub on Thursday & they gave us a list of the best things in life.

The best things in life are free:
-Sunsets on the cliffs of the pacific
-Snuggling with someone you love
-Good company
-Laying on the roof of your car and talking with a friend
-Water at a restaurant
-Cute animals being cute
-Making someone smile
-The free art-cinema that is DREAMING 

Their show is also FREE! Catch DREAMERS at MOTR Pub on Thursday, May 26th