10 Acts Not to Miss at Rock on the Range 2016

Rock warriors and metalheads, the time has come. Rock on the Range will descend onto Columbus, Ohio’s MAPFRE Stadium May 20th-22nd, and while I wholeheartedly encourage attendees to check out as many new bands as possible, I selected a few that tickled my fancy, that piqued my interest, that I wouldn’t mind matching on Tinder, if you will. 

Cane Hill
This New Orleans based band instantly reminded me of some sort of Marilyn Manson/Rob Zombie hybrid. Their latest single, “(The New) Jesus” definitely has a “Mobscene” undertone to it, and they just may be shocking enough live to keep my attention. Cane Hill will perform on Friday, May 20th. 

My first encounter with this Detroit band occurred in 2011 and I’ve made a point to go to each and every show I could within reach. I can’t tell you if it was lead singer Chad Nicefield’s surprise bass drum that got me, or Kyle Landry’s gymnast-like ability to hang upside down at a venue and not miss a note of song, or Puhy, but I haven’t felt guilty about showing up late and smelling like whiskey at work the next day.  These “party animals” have a reputation for doing just that and there is just no way one can leave disappointed after a Wilson performance. Here’s a short clip of crazy from a show in New York. Wilson will perform on Saturday, May 21st. 

Texas Hippie Coalition
This Texas band is one that I am most excited to witness. Fronted by a man named Big Dad Ritch, this band’s own style of Southern rock is unapologetically dirty and band to watch. Texas Hippie Coalition will perform on Saturday, May 21st. 

Code Orange
Listening to this outfit from Pittsburgh, I thought that if bands had the ability to have children, this one would be the misfit hardcore little brother or sister of Rage Against the Machine. Their perfectly timed unique brand of clean chaos will stand out on stage in Columbus. It’s always refreshing seeing a hardcore audience give a round of applause after punching someone in the face. This is hardcore. Code Orange will perform on Sunday, May 22nd. 

The Struts
“Hey, have you heard of The Struts?” Saying that to countless people in the summer of 2015 to the chagrin of many about UK’s, The Struts. I’m sure I lost friends because of it.But anyway, this band caught my attention with the release of “Could Have Been Me”, which relics in the belief of doing what makes you happy since we all know it’s not from your 9-5. Currently on tour, they will make their Rock on the Range debut, and kill it. The Struts will perform on Sunday, May 22nd.

At the Drive-In
Touring without co-founder, Jim Ward,At the Drive-In is still just one of those bands you can’t miss. As of now it’s unclear how long the outfit will stay together, and with that seeing them perform is imperative. Although there are many branches that sprouted from this particular band, including Antemasque, The Mars Volta, Sparta...the list goes on. Cross this one off your bucket list. At the Drive-In will perform on Sunday, May 22nd. 

Steel Panther
Steel Panther does their best to pay homage to all of the over the top classic rock bands of the 80s, and succeeds. Convincing, nay, asking women to show off their...assets, is a talent they’ve perfected while singing about excess, drugs, and sex; it’s basically all of the things I relate to in music form. Steel Panther will perform on Saturday, May 21st 

Arguably one of the most consistent and hardest working rock and roll bands around, Clutch will grace the stage and turn you into a believer of the gospel of Neil Fallon.  Even with their fame, notoriety, and sold out shows, this band still remains underrated. Clutch will perform on Saturday, May 21st. 

Rob Zombie
It’s hard not to have a good time at a Zombie show, I always say. Monsters, UFO’s, and intermittent giggles over the loudspeaker from Zombie’s wife, Sheri Moon, bring me back (literally) every year. Supporting his latest release, The Electric Warlock Acid Witch Satanic Orgy Celebration Dispenser (not kidding), Zombie is also slated to perform shows this summer with the likes of Disturbed (another performer at Rock on the Range 2016) and Korn. Rob Zombie will perform on Saturday, May 21st. 

Do I really need to say anymore? It’s Megadeth. Go. Megadeth will perform on Friday, May 20th 

Rock on the Range is happening so so soon in Columbus and tickets are unfortunately sold out.