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Review: Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson - Twins of Evil: Hell Never Dies Tour 

Zombie and Manson (that sounds like an unlikely 2020 Presidential ticket, but, hey, these days anything is possible – Make America Goth Again!) started making music and broke out about the same time (mid/late ‘80s start, early/mid ‘90s break through).  

Korn and Rob Zombie bring Nu-Metal Nostalgia to Riverbend 

Korn and Rob Zombie. I already hear the collected sighs of disgust from the more progressive metal heads. I’m sure they’ll be happy to know, that despite the age of these 90s nu-metal juggernauts, they are very much alive and well.  Korn took the stage first and delivered what...

10 Acts Not to Miss at Rock on the Range 2016 

Rock warriors and metalheads, the time has come. Rock on the Range will descend onto Columbus, Ohio’s MAPFRE Stadium May 20th-22nd, and while I wholeheartedly encourage attendees to check out as many new bands as possible, I selected a few that tickled my fancy, that piqued my interest, that...