Lemon Sky Get Ready for a Doubleheader

Lemon Sky dropped a new LP, Dos in February and are going to spend this weekend celebrating its release. You can catch them Friday at the Zines, Screens and Screams Fest at Northside Yacht Club (12:45a – Upstairs) and again on Saturday at Everybody’s Records (5p)! We caught up with the band prior to the weekend party. 

Lemon Sky is definitely a Cincinnati favorite. Give us some background on the band…
Lemon Sky is a psychedelic rock quintet from the Queen City. Pulling from influences that span decades and putting as much thought into what we’re saying as we do how we’re saying it. We spent a lot of time making sure everything was just right with ‘Dos’ and it really helped lay the foundation for what future albums can sound like. If ever there was a doubt about sound quality or an idea in the studio we hadn’t quite figured out, a quick solution would be to ask ourselves WWPFD? “What would Pink Floyd do?” Other notable influences for the sound and feel of this record are rock dinosaurs like Led Zeppelin and The Beatles, as well as Captain beyond, Sound Garden, and Jelly Fish. 

What can we expect this weekend at Zines, Screens and Screams Fest and Everybody’s Records this weekend?
The 2nd annual Zines, Screens and Screams Fest marks Lemon Sky’s first appearance at the Northside Yacht Club, but when we leave the stage will be stained with lemon juice (metaphorically, most of the time.) We’ll be playing a lot from the new album, as well as a few old favorites. Our live shows are a loud, high energy party and the lineup for Friday night will surely keep the entire night entertained.

Record store day at Everybody’s Records is going to be 25 lbs. of Citrus Rock crammed into a 5 lbs. record store… Its like backing a savage beast into a corner. Somehow the tight space surrounded by avid music listeners and supporters, not to mention old posters of a young Al Green’s sexiest gaze, make an already overwhelming experience that much more intense.

What is next for Lemon Sky?
The band plans to keep this momentum up with a spring and summer tour to support Dos, as well as release a few music videos. Plans to hit the studio this fall for album 3 are already in the works.