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Interview: The Darkness

After releasing their heaviest album to date and their fourth LP, The Last of Our Kind, The Darkness will be hitting the road this spring on a 19-city tour with a new permanent drummer and some new music.

The band will not only perform songs from their recent and previous albums, but have added a V.I.P. upgrade which allows fans to meet the band before the show.

It will also be one of the band’s first tours in the U.S. with drummer Rufus Taylor, Roger Taylor’s (drummer of Queen) son.

“He's like Justin in that he knows when it's the right time to be a man and when it's okay just to be a kid - which on tour is 90% of the time,” said bassist, Frankie Poullain.  “For someone of such tender years his knowledge and appreciation of the 'Club Sandwich' is very moving.” 

Taylor has been with the band since May 2015. Previous drummers of the band have been Ed Graham (2000-2014) and Emily Davies (2014-2015).

The eccentric rock-n-roll band from Suffolk, UK have been making music since the late 90s, but made it huge with their hit “I Believe in a Thing Called Love” in 2003 which was off of their first album Permission to Land.  

Like every artist, the band has been through their ups and downs throughout the years and has evolved musically with each album.

“It's a whirlpool, a washing machine even, of dirty rotten stinking emotions,” said Poullain. “Our music has evolved like the eagle - hooked beak and stern clawed - and our fans are the air that supports it.”

The Last of Our Kind sounds like the band went through every decade of rock since the 70s. Everything from the shredding guitar riffs to the insane falsettos is done to pure perfection.

The band’s influence on the album might have been a little monastic as well.

“Upheaval, defiance ... cold, stormy tempestuous weather. Long runs and a heavy demand placed on each other to develop artistically,” said Poullain. “Porridge. Green tea. Abstinence. In retrospect we inhabited the realm of the Monk. Maybe we should have called it ‘Monk say Monk do’?”

They are also recording new music for their next album which is “going to be balls out metal with a sense of fun and mischief,” said Poullain.

One can never know what this band is going perform while on tour, but definitely songs such as “Roaring Waters”, “Barbarian”, “Mudslide, and a new track “Rack of Glam” will be included on the setlist.

The Darkness will be coming to Cincinnati on April 26 at Bogart’sTickets are $25. You can enter to win a pair of tickets HERE!