Rumpke Mountain Boys Brought the House Down at Bogart’s

Feet stoppin’ and yee-hawin’ were heard of a lot of on Friday night until the early hours of the morning at The Winter Folk and Bluegrass Festival held Bogart’s.

The festival featured locals such as the Rumpke Mountain Boys, The Tillers, Maria Carrelli, My Brother’s Keeper, and Honey and Houston.

The crowd cheered for every artist, but one artist that they could not wait for was the Rumpke Mountain Boys.

With a packed house and eager audience, The Rumpke Mountain Boys, took the stage at about 11 p.m. and performed songs off of their latest album, High Times, Low Tide from the band’s own label, RMB Music.  

The bluegrass, string, quartet not only played to a dancing crowd of 20 something year-old hipsters to 60 something year-old married couples, but also played at Bogart’s for the first time.

Songs like “Rolling Waves,” “Molly,” and “Low River” was performed and the band sounded as if they had been playing for over 20 years.

Everything from their earth shattering instrumental skills to their high energy really made the audience one with the music. It was almost as if there was a hoedown going on at the venue.

The Rumpke Mountain Boys became a famous local name solely through touring and what they call through their “Trashgrass” music-basically their own version of Bluegrass music.

The band has been playing in Cincinnati for quite some time, but recently has received some national recognition by playing at festivals such as Northwest String Summit and the John Hartford Memorial Fest. 

With their latest and third album, The Rumpke Mountain Boys are currently touring the east coast and they will be performing at next week’s Suwannee Springfest in Florida.

The amount of outstanding musical skills and energy that this band has, will take them a long way in the industry.  It will not be long until they play bigger festivals and venues.

For more information about what city they are going to be at next, click here.


Rumpke Mountain Boys Want You to Support Local Music 

Rumpke Mountain Boys are a staple band in Cincinnati. Every show they put on is different than the last. Rumpke Mountain Boys recently released their fourth album, High Time, Low Tide. The album was self produced and released on their own label, RMB Music. They also recently picked up yet another...