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Interview with Cradle of Filth

On March 2, 2016 Cradle of Filth came and opened the gates of hell in Bogarts! After the show I caught up with keyboardist/singer Lindsay Schoolcraft to discuss the current state of the band and the tour for the newly released album Hammer of the Witches. The show was amazing and I hope to catch them again when they tour the US in the future. With a mix of symphonic black metal and gothic tones, Cradle of Filth is as hard as it gets.

Check out pics from the show HERE!

In 2013 you guys were supposed to have come here to play but Visa problems prevented that. Has the band played here before that you know of?
Lindsay: That was the year I joined the band. The year before we were set to play and there was a stabbing at the show during the opening acts set and we never got to play.

Since there are 3 new members since the last album how have you all enjoyed the writing process together in this new lineup?
Lindsay: It was an interesting experience. We did it all over filing sharing and e-mail for the demo & writing process. I was all very strange to me. But we enjoyed it and it and it was a lot of fun. When it was finally done it was very liberating, we couldn’t believe we did it.

So you guys would do your own parts to a track and it would later be combined with the others work?
Lindsay: Yes. We had some writing partners but it was still a lot of work. Somedays I would wake up with 40+ emails. You had to be your own secretary during that time.

Good outcome though!
Lindsay: Definitely.

What is the meaning behind the album name Hammer of the Witches? I remember hearing you say before; in a previous interview it is based off an old book.
Lindsay:  Yes, Malleus Maleficarum. It was a persecution guide on killing witches. Dani found a lot of inspiration in that and wrote stories around that concept. The deeper meaning in the songs are more so the witches getting their revenge!

Very interesting book it sounds like.
Lindsay: Yes it is. It would tell people how to find them, what they looked like.  It was a suppression of the feminine. So in a way Dani is a feminist!

With this being Cradle of Filths 11th studio album how do you all decide what songs you play on this tour?
Lindsay: We all kind of say what we want to play and we vote on it. After a bunch of e-mails we decide what flows best and that’s where we go.

Does it vary gig to gig?
Lindsay: Yes. We are adding a few new songs tomorrow and will give those some play in the remaining shows.

Where do you guys go next?
Lindsay: We are in the US for another week and then head over to the UK & Ireland for the week after.

How do US fans compare to the crowds overseas?
Lindsay: It’s different. The fans here are very passionate and energetic and know how to have a good time. Where the fans in Europe, in some places speculate a little more.  In the US the fans are really into it!

What do you all like to do between these shows that some fans might not know? Any weird hobbies or activities?
Lindsay: Well last night our guitar players went to a blues bar in Chicago and met friends of BB King. Buddy Guys bar Legends was the place I believe. They had a crazy night out! We are usually extremely focused, you know on our phones and iPad handling business. Emailing and getting things done. Personally I like to wander off on my own to see graveyards and old churches.

There is this place here called the Dent School house in Cincinnati. Legend says a bunch of kids disappeared and the janitor killed them, not sure if it’s real or just a story. It’s very popular at Halloween time though. I haven’t actually been yet but people who I know have been and enjoyed it. Next time maybe you can check it out if you’re here in October.
Lindsay: Sounds like fun!

Finally, what do you all have planned after this tour is over?
Lindsay: Well we just added a few dates in Russia for May this year. After that we just plan to take it easy for a little while as we have been going hard on this tour for a while.  The next 2 months after those shows in Russia we plan on relaxing really. It’s no secret as Dani has already mentioned, we plan to go back and start writing. Eventually releasing another album.

You’re from Canada correct?
Lindsay: Yes, from the Toronto area.  Our Drummer Martin & guitar player Ashok are from the Czech Republic, Bassist Daniel is from Scotland and Dani and the other guitar player Martin are from England. So it’s quite the commitment to get together!

After the tour you guys just spread out all over the planet!
Lindsay: Yea we do. It would be cool to be in the same area but it really makes us appreciate and miss each other when we aren’t together.  We keep up on each other and are all pen pals.

Great show tonight and good luck on the rest of the tour!
Lindsay: Thank you!