Frontier Folk Nebraska - Double the Pleasure, Double the Fun

I’ve spoken before, at length, of my appreciation for Frontier Folk Nebraska - and not just their music (which happens to scratch a Rock and Roll itch few know they really need taken care of), but also for them as genuinely decent people. I may not make it out to every live performance (shame on me, I know), but my respect for them runs deep. They’re a band and group of people I’m simply happy to talk about and share with others.

So it should come as no surprise that I’ve set in front of myself the task of asking you to spend your April Fool’s Day night with Frontier Folk Nebraska. But, I think, the argument is strong enough. In one word: Celebration.

In a few more words: This One’s For the Kid In the Back is the rare live album that achieves the delicate balance of raw, live energy and studio finesse - really, the best of both worlds, even though it was captured live over the course of a raucous weekend only a few months ago. If nothing else, the strength of the recording is a testament to their songwriting - and playing - prowess. It’s also, I’m glad to say, a realistic and accurate representation of their live show. A little bit twangy, a lot of rock and roll, and the appropriate amount of swagger, they’re a band that have found a groove in the best way possible. If it’s not evident by now, their live album, then, is definitive proof.

This Friday, April 1 - a day of or for fools, apparently - Frontier Folk Nebraska will be celebrating the release of this sonic journal with their friends and Cincinnati musical counterparts, and kindly request your presence. This local music community is nothing but a fever dream without the support of old and current fans, and the acquisition of new ones - so share and share alike. A home away from home, the Southgate House Revival will play host the proceedings, Manray will open, and Frontier Folk Nebraska will play tracks from their entire catalog, now immortalized in a “best of” compilation of two stellar live sets. Fortunately for us all, though, I’m convinced the best is yet to come.

Come sing along, clap enthusiastically, and pat the gentlemen of Frontier Folk Nebraska on the back this Friday at 9:30. A live show to celebrate the release of a live album. Sublime. Job well done, fellas.