Automagik Releases New Video

Automagik recently released their Dark Daze EP via Old Flame Records. This week, they released a video, “Fucked Up.” The band shot the entire video themselves, with frontman Zachary Evans saying, "We shot the entire thing in one take with the song playing at 10% percent speed at a budget hotel somewhere in Pennsylvania or New York. Not sure. It was one of the blizzardy states. Anyway. I had to sing along with the song at a snail’s pace. Basically it's unrecognizable drones at that speed, which made it a bit difficult to stay in sync with the song." The band then sped the video to 1000% and synced it with the song to give the video its warped feel. 

Automagik is heading out on tour today with a stop at SXSW! You can also catch them playing at Bunbury Music Festival in June! Need tickets? Go enter to win a pair HERE.