X_X at MOTR Pub

Smog Veil Records' band X_X announce The Blowtorch Tour to promote their new album titled, Albert Ayler’s Ghosts Live at the Yellow Ghetto. The record dropped on November 20, 2015 and is available in digital format as well as CD and vinyl LP. The LP version is on blue vinyl and contains Byron Coley liner notes. The band is touted as "the only band that matters" by cognoscenti the world over.

X_X (pronounced "ex blank ex"), was a short-lived Cleveland punk band led by guitarist John Morton of the Electric Eels—an equally warped prepunk combo that injected serious sonic damage into art-rock in the early 70s. X_X existed for a mere six months in 1978 and released just two singles, both for the Clevo underground imprint Drome, which also released some great early material by The Pagans

The band is John Morton on guitar, vocals, Theremin, didgeridoo and electric sitar; Andrew Klimeyk on guitar and vocals; Craig Willis Bell (Rocket From The Tombs) on bass; multi-instrumentalist Lamont "Bim" Thomas on percussion.

We sat down with John Morton, founding member of X_X prior to the show at MOTR on Saturday, January 23rd!

35 years is quite a hiatus! What prompted the comeback?
People have FINALLY caught up with us. We've been patiently waiting... yes, for 35 FUCKING YEARS... & not really a comeback. All four members of X_X have been pursuing music, Obnox, Rocket from the Tombs, New Fag Motherfuckers, Scarcity Of Tanks, Down Fi, Dunking Swine of Chelsea among others. 

How have things changed since your last tour?
We all got older. We now have the services of Lamont "Bim" Thomas on skins making us officially a Super Group. I mean, come on . . . it's ALL there 

Obviously using technology for getting the word out about shows has improved. Do you feel this is an advantage or hindrances for bands?
It is what one has to do. Old dogs have to learn new tricks otherwise you are a fucked old dog. SRSLY . . . we only LOOK old, but we think 'Pepsi Generation!' (Hey wasn't that the ad slogan from1963? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pepsi_Generation) ok, ok We look old, but we think "It's the Real Thing!' (1971) 

What can one expect at a live X_X show?
You can expect to get your lil fucking mind blown by the only band that matters. We got punk, we got free jazz, we got artsy crap with just a smidge of stage violence thrown in for the old school punk (no moshing allowed PLS!!!). 

What is next for X_X?
The End - No, we are not gonna cover "The End" even though it's a great song. But SRSLY (ok not SRSLY) Why don't we just... wait here for a little while... see what happens? Best defense, good offense. No harm no foul. Why don't we just send it up the fucking flagpole and see who salutes it?

In other words, we don't know. We'll just do the next thing whatever it turns out to be. . . But I can promise you it won't be dull . . .